Le complaisant dilemme


“The balance in the imbalance”.

For the decoration of their garden, Antwerp customers chose this theme. They wanted the realization of this unique bronze piece of 2.10 m high.

The artist has responded to their expectations by this composition. The disguised man, overhanging the stone, seeks the balance between appearing and living fully. Sandstone is the metaphor of the mineral element from which we come and monolithic representation of the tomb, where we will end.

The carved tiles stacked on the stone represent the legacies of our ancestors and our contemporaries. These heritages help the individual to grow but sometimes make the evolution wobbly.

This construction illustrates the fate of man; if he does not choose his destiny, life will choose for him. And this perpetual struggle; between complacency in the face of others and the dilemma of unpopular choice, balance must be found to avoid forgetting oneself …