The acrylic odour, the creaking of the charcoal fragments under the feet when we venture into it …

The artist’s workshop is enclosed, closed on itself. From this lair the painter’s dreams escape, the materials fly, loaded with colours. The symbols wrangle and rise in spirals that come to life on the walls and canvases.

Some hide themselves in heaped books and covered in plaster. They stamp with impatience at the idea of being viewed. They are there to speak, communicate and express themselves. One day, they will leave showing themselves to the world and, then, people will know that which the artist wanted to shout.

The collected photos of objects and spaces offer an intimate view of the artist. Above all, Gérald Faway creates in his workshop. He also likes to free himself to vary different places where his work comes to life. He goes from one to another to capture the varied atmospheres. All these areas however have one characteristic in common: the work is always in the centre and the artist goes around it.