Born in 1982 in Thimister-Clermont, a little village in the province of Liège, Belgium, Gérald Faway grows up in the countryside, overwhelmed with nature. At an early age, he enjoys a rural setting, going all over the meadows and fields that surround the small family farmhouse. Filled with this idyllic and simple setting, he becomes deeply attached to his land and its basic values.

His will and urge to create originate in a shattering event; his mother’s stroke transforms the 6-year-old boy’s vision of the world. His life takes a different turn. However, this ordeal provides him with unfailing strength; his sensitivity enables him to fathom the unspeakable, what is hidden and the beauty in disgrace. Since then, he creates, imagines and lets his sensitivity express itself through drawing. Scraping on books and using pencils is a daily activity, a kind of ritual.

Eager to exorcize his trauma and share his own life experience, his painting career starts in 2001. His participation in various exhibitions and collective works enrich him and make him develop his technique and skills, which brings about numerous positive reviews. He then spends a year at the Ateliers d’Art Contemporain in Liège that provide him with a good grounding but let him keep his independence of autodidact.

In 2014 he embarks on the process of his characters’ metamorphosis, from canvas to 3D, and he brings them to life, in resin or in bronze.

Several prestigious Belgian galleries and exhibitions open their door to his work. His taking part in renowned French exhibitions of contemporary art (Lille, Lyon, Marseille, Nantes, Aix-En-Provence,…) enables him to collaborate with Estades Gallery – Paris – Lyon – Toulon – Baden Baden – www.estades.com.

An Observer’s Work:

“An obsessive observation of the Other, to better understand where we come from; beats, silences, clicks are all elements that change our perceptions and change our lives, sometimes forever. ”

“Recreation of states. States of bodies and spirits of humans who live together, communicate or not, understand each other, or not. Showing the viewer a specific moment in our lives. Complexity lies in the understanding of before, the causes and effects, the consequences; the why of that moment. Try to find out if any established order has its limitations and why we manage or not to go back “. (Artist’s notes)

The primary meaning of Gerald Faway’s creations is the offer of a reflection, a feeling or a memory. These allow him to create spaces of analysis of the self. The goal is to put the viewer’s face in front of himself. It is in the observation of men that he draws his inspiration. His work reflects his perception of the world and the beings he meets. These faces, these bodies or the encounters between individuals are his subjects of predilection.

Quirky characters:

The artists’ world is made of masks, costumes and volumes. Are they witnesses to the liégeois origin of the artist? Nothing is less certain. The masks and costumes serve as a necessity to show what we choose to hide. Every being on this planet is the product of what they have lived. Diverse influences, conscious or unconscious distortions from the eyes of the Other. Imitations, habits and customs…everything takes us back to appearance. Armel Job’s text remains a perfect illustration thereof:

« Life is a theatre. Hardly born, we are pushed on stage. We catch a costume in mid-air, a mask to cover ourselves. We are slipped a text with gaps. The good and the bad are already onstage. How to distinguish them? We somehow improvise until we stumble upon our destiny, while hidden in the shadows on the other side of the curtain, a gaze of a hundred eyes devours us in silence. »

History of the pointed mask:

« They are always trails » is Gérald Faway’s favourite response to the often-posed question « Where do those masked faces come from, why are they always there? ». The artist’s background has given him the constant need to remind the audience that every single one of us, after all, is a reflection of their fellows. These masks are therefore the result of deep reflection. Gérald Faway was searching for a common denominator of physical representation in every sense, which, according to him, defines humans: amorous, visionary, instinctive, animalistic, adventurer, obsessed, curious, ridiculous, liar, fearful, comedian…

The narrative palette:

Gérald Faway masters with equal felicity acrylic, pencil, oil, pigment, Indian ink and without doubt… several mysterious methods only known to him.

The colours dominate and dictate their chromatic law. Their language plays a vital role. Attention, radiation, placidity and frenzy can all be portrayed through this aspect. The artist delicately picks them to deliver their striking emotions.  They blend together to create decors with a green or mineral aspect.

Their thickness is reinforced by the transparency of the layers producing ‘real’ material effects which allow the audience to discern the sense of touch without having to risk it.

The art of suggestion :

Gérald Faway’s creations are inspired by a figurative style. They unveil a deep sensibility and an authentic poetical meaning which is sober, nay solemn. The rhythm and the dynamism that he succeeds in bringing to life in every one of his compositions constantly maintains the attention of the avid spectator to unravel the mysteries of these hieratic beings which haunt the artist’s dreams.

This reflection hence could appear in the mind of the observer provoking hints of surrealism, this movement dictating the methods of creation coming from the unconscious. Yet, don’t be fooled; each trait, colour and attribute maintains its reason.

Through voluntary gestures, the artist gifts his figures anonymity and fragility which renders them universal. Symbols, allegories, those who cross the canvas, bearers of a mysterious quest. Nothing is said, everything is outlined: Gérald Faway’s universe is that of suggestion. The roaming of his humans, sometimes bestial, strangely resembles our own.

The print flies away.

Those heads filled with stories and marked by time prefer to mask themselves in order to avoid confusion.

One thousand times they saw, the delicious Eden. An instant suffices for the ripple to hollow.

Through this far niche and through the fruits of time, the print flies away giving birth to the brilliance.

Exposition Galeries Estades – Baden-Baden – Germany

Exposition Galeries Estades – Paris – Lyon – Toulon – France

Exposition Antibes Art Fair – Galerie Estades – France

Exposition Louise Gallery Durbuy Belgium

Exposition Phase Gallery Tongeren Belgium

Exposition Art Up Lille

Exposition Vis’Art Galerie Lyon

Exposition Salon Art3F Nantes

Exposition Art3F Lyon

Exposition SM’ART Aix en Provence

Exposition Fine Art Fair de Liège

Exposition SIAC de Marseille

Exposition Vlask Gallery Gent

Exposition United Guest Artists Etoile sur Rhône France

Projet Memorabilia concours de la Médiatine Bruxelles

Exposition personnelle galerie « Espace Venta » Liège.

Exposition d’ensemble galerie « Art Décor » Ciney.

Exposition galerie « Art’n Pepper » Verviers.

Exposition « Salon d’Art et d’Antiquité » Hasselt.

Exposition Nature Alive Espace Victoire Bruxelles.

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